Article Publication in “Applied Surface Science”


The article from Barbara Kalebić (ESR7) and co-authors with the title “Regeneration of the ciprofloxacin-loaded clinoptilolite by non-thermal atmospheric plasma” has been published in Applied Surface Science on 15th of April 2022.

The article describes a novel and environmentally friendly technique of non-thermal plasma for the regeneration of natural zeolite – clinoptilolite (CLI) after the adsorption of the ciprofloxacin antibiotic from aqueous media. Plasma treatment was performed using the surface dielectric barrier discharge source (SDBD) operating at atmospheric pressure and in air. Over 90% of CLI adsorption capacity was restored after 5 adsorption/regeneration cycles, while zeolite crystallinity and textural properties were not affected by plasma.

Therefore, this study proved that plasma treatment is a promising method for the spent zeolite-based adsorbent regeneration.

LINK to the article.