Article Publication in “Bioresource Technology”


Michele Ponzelli and co-authors published an article titled “Enhanced methane production kinetics by graphene oxide in fed-batch tests” in the Bioresource Technology journal (impact factor of 11.9).

The work is a systematic study investigating the impact of graphene oxide (GO) in biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests. Compared to previous studies, which reported conflicting results in the anaerobic degradation performance, this study adopted a fed-batch strategy allowing a more comprehensive evaluation of the GO impact in long-term scenarios. Moreover, modeling and statistical analyses revealed significant accelerations in organic material degradation using GO concentrations greater than 10 mg per gram of volatile solids (VS).

From an environmental significance point of view, the work provides compelling prospects for accelerating the removal of organic pollutants (even recalcitrant ones) and producing biogas in shortened times.

The article is published under the Open Access (OA) scheme, and thus it is freely consultable at the following link: