Article Publication in “Frontier in physics”


Article from Amit Kumar (ESR4) and co-authors with the title “Direct and Indirect Treatment of Organic Dye (Acid Blue 25) Solutions by Using Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet” has been published in Frontier in physics on the 15th February 2022.

In the article, the direct and indirect removal of Acid Blue 25 (AB25) from water by using cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet (APPJ) has been demonstrated. APPJ with a pin electrode type configuration operating with argon as a working gas was used as a plasma source for treatments.
The plasma system was characterized by the measurement of electrical characteristics and by employing optical emission spectroscopy (OES). During the direct treatment, AB25-containing solution was directly exposed to APPJ. In the indirect treatment, AB25 was treated by using plasma activated water (PAW). As expected, with the direct treatment almost complete removal of AB25 was achieved. The measurements also provided an insight into the kinetics of the degradation of AB25. In the indirect treatment, PAW removed a significant amount of AB25 within 17 days.

The article can be downloaded HERE.