Article Publication in “Process Safety and Environmental Protection”


Article from Danilo Bertagna Silva (ESR 6) and co-authors with the title “Impact of UV-LED photoreactor design on the degradation of contaminants of emerging concern” has been published in Process Safety and Environmental Protection on 7th of July 2021.

The article deals with the simulation of the light profile of different LED arrays around a lab-scale photoreactor and how each design influences the removal of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin in ultrapure water. The impact of 4 different variables on degradation was evaluated. The results show that the presence of a TiO2 nanofilm was the most significant tested effect. The number of LEDs, their distance from the reactor’s wall and the adoption of controlled periodic illumination also greatly influenced kinetic rates but were less relevant for reducing EEO values because the energetic trade-off was not sufficient to turn the kinetic gain into lower electricity demands.

The article can be download at: