Chance of a Lifetime

Francis dela Rosa (ESR10)



Hi readers! It’s my blog contribution time again!

I am very happy to share with you my marvelous experience during and after the 17th International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology (CEST 2021) in Athens, Greece. Finally, a hybrid (physical and virtual) conference is happening, and as slowly as it gets, physical interaction among researchers is coming back. For a young aspiring researcher like me, it was a really heart-warming experience to present my work at a conference. I thought that all of the conferences that I am going to attend would be all happening online. I miss the coffee break, lunch break, and live Q&A portion for presentations. Moreover, having an extra trip after the conference is a privilege, super thank you to my mentor and supervisor, Hrvoje! Hahahaha.

On the other hand, I would like to tell you that I have become sentimental these past few months. I think that for some time, I am fortunate to be part of NOWELTIES, and I also believe that in one year (or 1.5 years), the program will be done, and I will be really missing the experience. I am getting used to the feeling. It feels like having separation anxiety. Imagine that after one or one and a half years, the people you are working with will be gone because you need to leave and move on. It was a good experience and, at the same time, a bit sad since I will need to enter a new door of my life. These past few months, I became much more silent and thinking about my next steps in life.

Anyhow, for now, I just need to enjoy this moment … a “CHANCE OF A LIFETIME”

See you!