Consistent to Be Resilient

Francis dela Rosa (ESR10)

Hi readers! It’s my blog contribution time again.

This year (2020) brings tough times for all people all over the world. In my previous blogs, I talked about focus, mamba mentality, EQ, and AQ. This time, I want to add two crucial factors, which I think are essential to achieve our goals as researchers. These are Resiliency and Consistency.


The Oxford dictionary describes resiliency as “The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties/toughness.”. Indeed, studying abroad is really overwhelming and life-changing. People always see the privilege of studying abroad: meeting new people, having fun with your colleagues, discovering new places and cultures. But this is just one side of the coin: you also have to deal with “homesickness”. I miss my friends and family but thanks to my warm and energetic colleagues, it’s easier to be away from home. Fortunately, I felt it for only two times: November 2019 and last month (September 2020). Thanks to my warm and energetic colleagues, I don’t feel too much to be away from home. What I want to say is: you really need to be mentally prepared before deciding to study abroad.

In my case, I am performing mental exercise since 2015: going to different places on my own, eating alone, going to church alone, and watching a film alone. Don’t get me wrong here: I like to go out with friends, but there are times that I practice such solitariness. In these moments, I simulate that I am in a different country with no acquaintance. I believe that these exercises made me more challenging throughout these years. I am not telling you to do these crazy things, but I am just explaining how I prepared myself. I would like to emphasize this: “Don’t be afraid of studying abroad, but be prepared”. Lastly, as we all know, COVID-19 affects almost everything, but still, I am resilient. I am confident that I will achieve my goals because of the training that I made.

Note that we can’t be resilient at one time. We also need to be consistent.


The Oxford dictionary definition describes consistency as “Acting or doing the same way over time, especially to be fair or accurate.” We all experienced problems throughout our lifetime but I believe that being consistent to be resilient is an effective way to achieve our dreams.

For all of my colleagues in FKIT, fellow ESR’s, and aspiring researchers, I believe that we will all be like Diamonds as the quotation says:

“Diamonds are formed under pressure, but never forget they are not formed overnight”- Anonymous

More Power to us all!

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