Entrepreneurship workshop – University of Belgrade



On November 8th, ESRs have virtually taken part in the Entrepreneurship workshop “From an idea to its commercialization” hosted by the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade (Serbia).

The workshop consisted of several presentations to provide a comprehensive idea of developing innovation and entrepreneurship.

The topics covered during the workshop included:

  • Understanding innovation
  • Patent protection fundamentals
  • Business Model
  • Creative problem solving
  • Direct experiences of innovators and entrepreneurs


The next day on the 9th, our biannual project meeting was held virtually. ESRs gave presentations on their progress and their plans for PhD dissertation. We also discussed about the next event final conference that will take place in Dubrovnik in May 2022.


LINKS to the videos of the workshop

Part I      https://youtu.be/S57CvpYrgG46

Part II     https://youtu.be/0MVxXUgUbY8