Make It Happen

Francis dela Rosa (ESR10)

Hi readers! It’s my blog contribution time again. I hope that you all have a happy new year!

“Life is 10 % what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Last year (2020) had brought an onslaught for us all. It happened in just one snap. Now, I would like you to imagine that you are born around the 1900s. During your lifetime, there is a great chance that you experience the effects of World War 1 (1914-1918), the spread of Spanish flu (1918-1920), Great Economic Depression (1929-1933), World War 2 (1939-45) and many more undesirable events. I would say that you are really unlucky and the PROBABILITY of being successful in any field of life is really low. However, I believe that the events that HAPPENED are 10% of your life overall. (Assuming that you are still alive after these astonishing events…hehe). On the other hand, there are people who managed to survive to make an impact on this world during the 1900’s dark years.

Learning from above mentioned past historical events, I believe that we still have a high PROBABILITY to be successful in any fields of life. Let us be optimistic. Delays from our experiments, jobs tasks, covid-19, etc., have already HAPPENED. Vaccines are already out, and in just a short time, this pandemic will be over. There is still HOPE.

Maybe some of you may ask me on how did I manage, learned and adapt about this COVID situation? Well, I suggest you read my previous blogs. Readers should follow and re-read all of these since everything is interconnected with one another.

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Despite low PROBABILITY setup (due to delays), let us all focus, enhanced our EQ&AQ, and be consistently resilient to achieve our goals.

As the additional quote says:

It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand. ~ Randy Pausch

I don’t want to take this blog entry long. All I want to say is undesirable events already happened. Let us all move on. Let us all stand up and fight for our dreams. Let us all MAKE IT HAPPEN

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