Coupling the new concept of sequential biofiltration with in situ electron acceptor delivery for enhanced OMP removal and effective attenuation of disinfection by-product precursors
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Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

Edwin Antonio Chingate


Edwin holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the first one in chemical engineering and the second one in chemistry. He is fascinated with the understanding of life and the way it shapes the world. So he chose to continue his master’s degree in order to improve his skills in modelling bioprocesses. He finished his M.Eng. in bioinformatics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. There he developed his thesis in the research group: “Bioinformatics and Systems BiologyGroup” (GIBBS). Working on the thesis entitled “Simulation of an anodic chamber and effect of its composition over microbial fuel cell performance” has helped Edwin to gain experience in metabolic modelling and microbial communities integration.