Prof. Dr. Francisco Omil

Prof. Dr. Francisco Omil is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering Department of USC since 2010.

Francisco Omil

Full Professor of Chemical Engineering Department of USC since 2010.

His research is basically focused on the field of environmental engineering, especially in the development of processes based on the application of biological reactors for the treatment of urban and industrial water (removal of conventional and emerging pollutants such as organic micropollutants, drugs, recalcitrant compounds) and biological alternatives for the treatment of gaseous emissions (VOCs, odours and greenhouse gases).

Author of over 120 articles in National and International publications (95 in international journals indexed in the SCI), 13 book chapters, over 120 presentations at International conferences (55 oral%) and 2 patents (one is an European patent licensed by SUEZ Company). Index H: 35. Number of citations in Scopus: 4905.

Since 2012 he is Vicedean of the School of Engineering (ETSE) of the USC, and the coordinator of Master in Environmental Engineering since 2008. He was also Coordinator of the Commission of Biotechnology of the USC (2015-2017) and Coordinator of the Environmental Section of the Spanish Society of Biotechnology (2005 to 2012).


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Relevant publications:

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