ESR 13

Development of hybrid system by integrating nanocatalyst and adsorptive composites in situ in sequential biofiltration systems.

Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

Nebojša Ilić


Nebojša obtained his M.Sc. in Chemical engineering from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He specializes in water technologies and materials engineering for the purpose of environmental protection. During his Master’s studies, he spent a semester at Aachen’s graduate school of engineering in Bangkok, Thailand, performing research in waste gas decomposition optimization. Additionally, he attended an exchange semester at the University of Leipzig, Germany, where he synthesized and tested the performance of Metal-Organic frameworks as sensors for traces of methanol in water. His Master’s thesis research focused on applied nanomaterials for the purpose of increased performance in sunscreens and reduction of negative impact UV blockers have on the aquatic environment and human health.


Prior to joining NOWELTIES he performed research in the field of nanomaterials as a team member on a bilateral research project between Germany and Serbia at the University of Applied Sciences Merseburg. He conducted research in the field of nanomaterials for medicinal applications.