Understanding biotransformation mechanisms of OMPs during anoxic biological wastewater treatment

University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain

Silvana Quiton Tapia


Silvana obtained her MSc in Environmental Sciences with a major on Environmental Technology from Wageningen University & Research Center (The Netherlands), where she developed her MSc Thesis within the micropollutants research group with the title “The impact of biocides on biodegradation in constructed wetlands”. As a master student, she did a 6-month research internship at IHE-Delft Water Institute (The Netherlands) where she worked in the development of a new biological wastewater treatment technology using photobioreactors with different Algae and Anammox bacteria.

As for her professional experience, she has worked as an environmental specialist and technical consultant in both private and public institutions in Bolivia, where she collaborated from project planning to management and supervision for the operation and optimization of wastewater treatment plants of different sorts (for industrial and domestic wastewater).