Programme of the Final Conference


The programme of NOWELTIS’ final conference (May 11-13 2022) is available now.

The main objective of the Final Conference is to present the results of NOWELTIES’ research program, as well as new achievements in the field of the development and application of new materials and inventive processes for wastewater treatment, with specific emphasis on the technologies able to control contamination by organic micropollutants (OMPs) and therefore help to overcome barriers for water reclamation.

The conference will present some recent technological and methodological developments that offer a range of opportunities for transitioning to smart water management and adopting treatment approaches capable of significantly enhancing the degradation of OMPs, whilst exhibiting a low energy footprint and residual stream.

The Conference is not limited to NOWELTIES members, but it is open to a wide scientific community, industry, and end-users.

Download the PROGRAMME