ATC2 and Project Meeting

On September 16th, the 3rd project meeting was held online, and ESRs presented both their experimental updates and plans for the next six months. The coordinator, Dr. Mira Petrovic, described the status of the project and the impact of the COVID-19 emergency that mainly caused changes in the ESRs secondments.

On September 17 and 18, the second Advanced Training Course was held online, focused on nanomaterials for wastewater treatment. The training course, organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB) of the University of Zagreb, consisted of twelve lectures and a final exam.

The next meeting will be held at the Catalan Water Research Institute (ICRA) in the first half of March 2021.






Lectures 1st day


1.1. Stanislav_Kurajica_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

1.2. Jelena_Macan_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

1.3. Vilko Mandićlecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

1.4. Hrvoje_Kusic_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

1.5. Albin_Pintar_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

1.6. Gregor_Zerjav_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020


Lectures 2nd day


2.1. Davor_Ljubas_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

2.2. Nevenka_Rajic_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020

2.3. Jasna_Hrenovic_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020


2.5. Hrvoje_Cajner_lecture_ATC2_Zagreb_2020